Just One

from by Paul Tabachneck



you don't have to carry me home
i'll pick myself up
my flesh'll be my own bag of bones
toss me away
one night of bliss turned into
three weeks of anguish
it's like patty said,
"morning can always turn love into shame"
so i'll do my best to forget to remember your name

it was just one kiss
just one touch of velvet
on a night like this
that you won't acknowledge
so i'll put it in a box on a shelf
in the back of my mind
forget that we had this one night

you don't have to talk to me now
or share your excuses
i don't know that i'd hear you out
even if you did
we'll go back to playing our roles
of diner and waitress
it's like daryl said,
"all i can see are opportunities missed"
except for the one that we took that inspired this

it was just one kiss

one kiss
one touch
one word too much

i spend every night
of our misshapen life
praying that someone would let this play quietly end
with a nice denoument
and a sweet curtain call
but every damned morning
it's more of the same
i'm not in hell yet
but i know all the names
and i'd say god forgot me
but i think that he oversaw
'cause god knows i can't miss
what i don't get close to at all


from Glutton's Dozen, released April 10, 1999



all rights reserved


Paul Tabachneck New York


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