Sally FortH!

by Paul Tabachneck

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released May 16, 1996



all rights reserved


Paul Tabachneck New York


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Track Name: Comic Tragedy
A drop of wine
To wash away the pain
As I forget
Each thing you've said today
Oh, sure, we're friends
And that's how I'm sure we'll stay
I still can't look away

And I forget
Just why I didn't ask
I guess you'd say
I wasn't equal to the task
I looked ahead
And I didn't see a "yes"
I'm always second best

Now you're with him it's a comic tragedy
And in your eyes I bet it's better him than me
So strike me blind 'cause I just can't bear to see
That you're with him
And he's not me

A drop of rain
To wash away these tears
I cry in vain
'Cause they won't bring you here
I lost you then
'Cause of what I never said
But even if I did

You'd be with him, in this....

In my heart I know that this is what you need
You've suffered long and hard you've earned your lease from grief
But deep inside you know I still hold the belief
That you belong with me

A drop of sun
To wash away the night
I tossed and turned
Awakened by the light
Of your sweet face
And it's all I really need
Even in my dreams

You're still with him, in this....
Track Name: Porch Song
Sitting on my porch
Glass of lemonade on the table
It's right next to your portrait
Which is right on top of the holy bible
Another train goes by
Just one more vessel of human sorrow
With the banshee's highest cry
And the darkest demon's lowest grumble

And I don't mind the noise
'Cause I know my phone ain't ringin'
And I don't mind the din
'Cause there is not another sound I'm waiting for
And I don't mind the wheels
Or the sounds of the brakes a-screechin'
I just wish they weren't so near
I wish I couldn't hear them quite so clear
'Cause all they mean to me
Is that it's not a dream
And I won't wake up to find you here.

I light a cigarette
And toss the hard pack on the table
It knocks over your portrait
And spills all over the holy bible
A silent raindrop falls
Upon my knee despite clear weather
And as I watch it trickle down
I am reminded of life's sweet splendor

And I don't need your voice
'Cause I can do my own sweet singing
And I don't need your sins
'Cause there's a lot of better things to pray for
And I don't need to heal
Any wounds that you might be breaching
I just wish you weren't so dear
I wish this were a raindrop and not my tear
'Cause all this seems to be
Is one more night for me
When I'm all alone
and you're not here.
Track Name: Iron
Well an iron fist
Can only take you so far
An iron lung
Is just as useful as a used car
And an iron hand
Is less handy than a flesh one
An iron band
Is just as bad as the last one


Well an ironed shirt
Has more wrinkles than a starched one
An iron glove
Is really just a hard one
An iron curtain
Falls harder than a felt one
and Iron Man
Had less gadgets than the Bat one

Well, now

I ain't made of some kind of alloy
Sometimes I wish I was
'Cause maybe if I were built like some kind of Matchbox toy
I could withstand your love

'Cause an iron heart
Wouldn't break when you left me
And iron legs
Would stand erect below me
An iron knee
Wouldn't bend down before thee
And an iron stomach
Could keep me stout and portly

Track Name: Under My Nails
She dresses in black
But she's not as dark as she'd like you to think
She scrapes her plate
But just this once it's not bothering me
She's got a leather jacket
She's probably eaten the cow
But not all at once
And I can't take my eyes off her now

She's under my nails
Under my skin
The top of her head reaches just under my chin
I'm under her spell
Her eyes are like wells
And I'm falling in
Could I be falling in love?
Is that so wrong?
She seems to think that true love should take longer
Than a day and a half
It does make one laugh
I wish she'd give in

I've seen her CDs
She's got industrial ceiling to floor
She's got Crowded House (there is freedom within, there is freedom without)
But only because of track 4
So I won't dream it's over
Not 'til she pulls out the flag
Hey now, Hey now
I can't help these feelings I've had

She's under my skull
The top of my spine
I'm under impressions
That she might be mine
I'm under her thumb
I feel like I'm drunk
Every time
Every time I come home
She's on my machine
Leaving a message that says,
"Hey, I'll see you
tomorrow, today
I'll go either way
and that'll be fine."
Under my skull
The top of my spine

And I know she'd get offended
If she heard me call her the one
'Cause she gets so apprehensive
When I ask her not to run
Oh I know she'd get defensive
If I said she's just leading me on
But it's too incomprehensive
She says she just wants to have fun.
Track Name: Acceptance
Can't say that I don't miss you
When you're always on my mind
Can't say I'm glad to leave you
When you're leaving me behind
Can't say a thing but what we always knew
Can't say that I don't love you, 'cause I do

Can't say I never dreamed
Of how you look when you're asleep
Can't say that I don't wish
That you could be right here with me
Can't say that I don't cry these tears for you
Can't say that I don't love you, 'cause I do

And maybe it's because your hair
Is darker than the night
Or maybe just because your face
Shines brighter than the light
Or maybe it's the strength you have inside
That makes me long for you
Despite my pride

Can't say I'm disappointed
'Cause I knew you woudn't stay
Can't say I'm disillusioned
'Cause it had to end this way
Can't say that I feel anything but blue
Can't say that I don't love you, 'cause I do.
Track Name: Castle of Cards
I've been standing here admiring your castle of cards
As the one-eyed jack prepares for you to let down your guard
When your castle starts a-crumblin'
I'll be there to keep your tower from tumblin'
'Cause I've been right here guarding your castle of cards

Well it's seven stories high, you know it had to be tall
'Cause if you won't build right, you shouldn't build it at all
And I when I look in your castle fair
I can see a million hearts and diamonds there
So I'll stay right there guarding your castle of cards

I thought I might come downstairs and play some solitaire
But you worked so hard for your structure that I wouldn't dare
So what if that tower should fall and break?
We'll fall in love and play a game of crazy eights

Well you know there's more than 52 fish swimming in the sea
How I wish that you could turn away and play some Go Fish with me
'Cause those cards will bend and break in time
When the laminate melts could you be mine?
'Cause I've been right here guarding your castle of cards.
Track Name: BinWah
Inoshimuso benedino